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Junior Technician at Dangote December, 2023

Junior Technician at Dangote December, 2023
Junior Technician at Dangote December, 2023
Junior Technician at Dangote December, 2023
Junior Technician at Dangote December, 2023


  • Responsible for ensuring that heavy equipment’s and auxiliaries are in safe operating condition by conducting routine maintenance, scheduling maintenance, and repairs.
  • To assist HD Mechanics during job execution on maintenance and health check of heavy-duty equipment, utilities, plants/vehicles in accordance with manufacturer’s guidance/recommendation and safe operating procedures to ensure optimum utilization and availability.
  • To ensure proper housekeeping during and after completion of jobs.
  • To always ensure safety in using material handling equipment, tools etc
  • Carry out proper risk assessment before the task to attain zero harm.
  • To use all the PPE as recommended by the Safety Policy of the company and report to the authorities concerned regarding the accidents and near miss incident.
  • To assist the HD Mechanics to during diagnosis various problem on diesel engine, hydraulic & transmission system and to initiate remedial actions appropriately.
  • To assist the HD Mechanic for the spare parts planning
  • Proper handling of tools provided and to ensure right usage. Also responsible for getting the right tools for jobs at hand.
  • Compliance with ISO regulations
  • Perform any other duties as may be assigned by Senior


  • Trade Test II in the relevant discipline.
  • Minimum of five (5) years of work experience
  • Should have a valid Driving License
  • Good knowledge of mining operations, production, maintenance, process control and health and safety management.
  • Commitment to implemented safety and environment regulations.
  • Good communication skills
  • Personal Health Insurance
  • Pay Off Time
  • Training and Development


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