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Nafasi za kazi KARAGWE DC 2023

Nafasi za kazi KARAGWE DC 2023 – Get the Karagwe District Council (DC) Profile details, latest news, jobs, careers,nafasi za Kazi & Latest vacancies.

About Karagwe District Council (DC)

Karagwe is one of the eight districts of the Kagera Region of Tanzania. It is bordered to the north by Uganda, to the east by the Bukoba Rural District, to the southeast by the Muleba District, to the south by the Ngara District and to the west by Republic of Rwanda, from which it is divided by the River Kagera.

According to the 2002 Tanzania National Census, the population of Karagwe District was 425,476.

To get to the Karagwe region the easiest way is taking a bus. To get around use dalla-dallas (small buses) or piki-pikis (motorbikes)

Small lakes such as the Ikimba, Burigi, Rushwa, and Rwakajunju provide fishing opportunities for residents of the Karagwe District.


The present day Karagwe district in Tanzania, was part of a greater kingdom called the Karagwe Kingdom. The Karagwe kingdom was part of the many Great Lakes Kingdoms, in East Africa. Like many other Great Lakes kingdoms, the Karagwe people, known as Abanyambo, claim inheritance from the ancient Kitara empire, ruled by a dynasty known as the Bachwezi.

The first indigenous leader of Karagwe kingdom before the coming of Ruhinda’s generation was Nono Marinja (Nono ya Marinja). This indigenous leader was from one of Nyambo clans “Abasiita“. His clan was therefore the ruling clan before Hamtik’s arrival in this centralized state in the interlacustrine region.

The Karagwe kingdom reached its apex during the 19th century. Archaeological evidence suggests that growth occurred during the early part of the 1800s. King Ndagara came to power around 1820 and ruled until 1853, at which time he was replaced by Rumanyika. The area has strong linguistic and historical ties to the Bugandan states to the north and to central African symbolic forms.

Karagwe District Council (DC) Contact Information

  • Postal Address: BOX 20 KARAGWE
  • Telephone: 028-2227148
  • Mobile: 0754-441151
  • Email:

Vacancies and Internships at Karagwe District Council – Nafasi za Kazi Halmashauri Wilaya ya Karagwe

Karagwe District Council (DC) job vacancies are normally advertised through the Karagwe DC Official website which can be accessed through this link:

 Also, Government jobs in Karagwe district Council are normally advertised through the government Official jobs portal (Public Service Recruitment Secretariat-PSRS) which can be accessed through this link-


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