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Senior Data Manager at THPS September, 2023


Tanzania Health Promotion Support (THPS) is an indigenous NGO established under nongovernmental organization act No 24 of 2002 in 2011. THPS works in partnership with the Ministry of Health (MOH), Ministry of Community Development Gender Elderly and Special Groups; Regional Administration and Local Governments (PORALG), Ministry of Health in Zanzibar and Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) with a goal of ensuring accessible high-quality health care and social welfare services to all Tanzanians; through strengthening of health and community systems.

THPS is implementing the USAID funded Police and Prison Activity– Cetology of Federal Domestic Assistance Number 98.001 awarded in August 12, 2020 through the funding opportunity announcement number 72062120-RFA 00003 in collaboration with the Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA). The Activity focuses on providing quality comprehensive HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis prevention, care, and treatment support services to the police and prisons staff, their families, prisoners and surrounding communities in Tanzania.

In FY24, the GOT under the leadership of the Ministry of Community Development, Gender, Women and Special Groups and Ministry of Community Development and Gender in Zanzibar; in collaboration with stakeholders through the Together for Girls (TfG) partnership and through funding from the US Presidents Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR)/US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will conduct the second national Violence against Children and Youth Survey (VACS 24). THPS will work with National Bureau of Statistic (NBS) and Office of the Chief Government Statistician (OCGS) to conduct the survey. The results of the survey will inform national policies, laws, and programs to prevent violence.

Hence, THPS is seeking experienced, dynamic and qualified Candidates for the below positions.

Reports to: VACS Project Director
Position Location: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Application Deadline: 17th September 2023

Reports to:                                             VACS Project Director  

Position Location:                                   Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Overall Job Function 

Reporting to the VACS Project Director, the VACS senior data manager will ensure quality data of high standard are collected, analyzed and reported. The VACS senior data manager is responsible for incountry management, storage, and security of data, as well as other technical aspects of the populationbased surveys conducted on tablets. S/he will work to ensure delivery of clean, high-quality survey data and troubleshoot possible ICT challenges during data collection. Together with the ICT manager, senior data manager will ensure good storage and maintenance of tablets in the entire duration of the survey; He/she will collaborate with NBS, OCGS and CDC/DVP in preparing and using tablets for data collection and troubleshoot any challenges with the local server. The VACS senior data manager will be responsible in assisting with technical issues, receiving/downloading the data files, verifying validity of files, downloading raw data on a weekly basis and sending them to CDC/DVP, processing the files to generate reports as necessary, and analysing data reports to respond accordingly.

Specific Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Develop and implement procedures for effective data management, formulation of techniques for quality data collection, devises and implements efficient and secure procedures for data handling and analysis, establishes data sharing rules, and supports others in the daily use of data systems.
  • Collaborate with the NBS, OCGS and CDC/DVP in preparing, testing, and using tablets for data collection and troubleshoot any challenges with the local server.
  • Responsible for the reception, monitoring, de-duplication, and transfer of data to the CDC server during the period of data collection.
  • Troubleshoot platform -level technology issues that may arise with tablets.
  • Help identify and resolve potential connection issues with mobile operators using mobile data devices.
  • Help identify and resolve potential connection issues within the survey team (e.g., from tablets to a group router, etc.).
  • In collaboration with CDC, NIDC and other keep partner with help troubleshoot database.
  • Provide remote technical assistance by phone or through remote access of tablets used during survey.
  • Provide in-person technical support on an ad-hoc basis for field teams.
  • Coordinate replacement of damaged or lost equipment.
  • Report and send damaged equipment for repair.
  • Control and maintain an active inventory of tablets and other ICT equipment.
  • Help troubleshoot any software and connectivity issues with tablets and server.
  • Assess system performance and make recommendations for software, hardware, and data storage improvements.
  • Ensure digital databases and archives are protected from security breaches and data losses.
  • Ability to conduct advanced statistical analysis using survey data through use of analysis packages such as SPSS, Stata, RDS etc. Minimum Qualifications: 
  • Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Statistics, Mathematics, Management, Technical, Science, Economics, Health,
  • Minimum of five (5) years of related experience managing and working directly with health informatics applications and databases from large research studies.
  • Demonstrated experience in conducting data quality checks and producing data collection monitoring reports.
  • Demonstrated experience in using and troubleshooting electronic data collection tools, especially tablets.
  • Competence in cloud-based data storage service offerings.
  • Good understanding of TCP/IP protocol suite. Preferred experience and other skills: 
  • Demonstrated experience in providing remote assistance (e.g., from a central office location) to public health teams working in the field.
  • Demonstrated and successful experience managing large, population-based survey data.
  • Demonstrated experience in resolving IP-level connection issues, IPv4 sub-netting, etc.
  • Demonstrated experience in working with mobile telecommunications technologies (GSM, 3G/4G, etc.), mainly in disconnected mode.
  • Strong writing and verbal communication skills.
  • Data Management/Analysis and Programming experience using survey data.
  • Demonstrated experience working with servers and willing to learn ODK Central data server. Demonstrated experience in managing geospatial data.

How to apply:

Interested applicants should send their application cover letter one page maximum and CV four pages maximum to ( by 17th September 2023 with a subject line example Chief of Party USAID Police and Prison Activity. Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted. Please do not attach any certificates when submitting online.  

THPS is an equal opportunity employer; women, people living with HIV/AIDS and people living with disability are encouraged to apply.

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