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New JobS Vacancies at U.S Embassy Tanzania August, 2023

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The U.S. Mission in Dar es Salaam is seeking eligible and qualified applicants for the position of Registered Nurse in the Medical Section.


Delivery of Information and Programming (40% of time):

Assists in the daily delivery of a dynamic, multifaceted schedule of activities, projects, and events designed to attract EV audiences to visit and engage with the American Center. Interacts intensively with EV audiences to provide customer service and ensure that policy messages are delivered appropriately. Elicits informal feedback to evaluate the impact of information and programs.
Meets Department of State (DOS) requirements for providing core programs (information about the United States, English learning and teaching, culture and sports, EducationUSA information and advising, and alumni engagement) in addition to innovative activities to connect EV audiences with U.S. foreign policy and American society and values. Supports the identification and engagement of a broad range of U.S. experts to serve as speakers, moderators, coaches, and mentors for American Center audience groups, drawing from Mission personnel (including members of the Mission community), the American private sector in Tanzania, and U.S. visiting speakers and specialists. In coordination with the ASPS or PAO designee, designs innovative strategies to market American Center opportunities and services to potential EV audiences, using a broad array of digital, multimedia, and traditional tactics that appeal to EV audience groups influential in Tanzania.

Human Resources and Facility Management (20% of time):

Oversees daily engagement with the public, organizing and presenting events to engage EV audiences through virtual and in-person activities, and assisting patrons with accessing authoritative information about the United States, U.S. foreign policy, and American interests. Designs and implements standards for American Center volunteers and “friends” groups, including recruiting, training, and oversight. Ensures that the American Center is accessible and appealing in order to attract EV audiences and that the physical design and presentation meet DOS standards, including branding.

Strategic Analysis, Planning, and Evaluation (20% of time):

Assists the ASPS or PAO designee in planning strategies for the optimal impact of the flagship American Center in promoting U.S. foreign policy and American interests in Tanzania. Assesses previous activities to fine-tune planned initiatives; identifies project objectives, assessment methods, and outcomes for those initiatives. Contributes to the Mission Integrated Country Strategy (ICS), Public Diplomacy Implementation Plan (PDIP), and the Public Diplomacy Country Context (PDCC).
Initiates audience analyses in collaboration with the Strategic Content Coordination (SCC) Specialist to identify the specific EV segments of the Tanzanian population that have growing influence on issues of importance to the Mission and analyze how best to appeal to and engage them. Observes attitudinal trends in Tanzanian EV perspectives on U.S. policy interests; under the direction of the ASPS or PAO designee, proposes appropriate shifts in PD approaches to take advantage of opportunities and meet emerging challenges.
Assesses the impact of previous American Center activities and projects to determine the relative level of effectiveness in establishing initial contact and sustaining dialogue with key target audience groups. Actively plans American Center projects and longer-term initiatives at least one year in advance. To support initiatives, develops Notices of Funding Opportunity (NOFOs) to solicit proposals from potential partner organizations to obtain funding for necessary equipment and professional enhancements for activities that will provide sustained, ongoing engagement with target audiences, incorporating performance targets and evaluative benchmarks for continuous feedback. Develops the American Center team as an incubator for innovative initiatives, including virtual engagement initiatives, for outreach into less accessible or openly hostile audience groups.


Position Title: Registered Nurse (All Interested Candidates)
Vacancy Number: DaresSalaam-2021-059-RA1
Open to: All Interested Candidates/All Sources
Opening Date: 08/14/2023
Closing Date: 08/31/2023

Position Title: Visa Assistant (Non-Immigrant) (Internal Candidates Only)
Vacancy Number: DaresSalaam-2023-038
Open to: All Interested Candidates/All Sources
Opening Date: 08/14/2023
Closing Date: 08/28/2023

Position Title: Plumbing Maintenance Worker (All Interested Candidates)
Vacancy Number: DaresSalaam-2023-037
Open to: All Interested Candidates/All Sources
Opening Date: 08/02/2023
Closing Date: 08/16/2023


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