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Assistant Manager- Select Banking at I&M Bank Arusha August, 2023

Internal Key Contact Person(s):

·       Branch Managers

·       Treasury

·       Marketing

·       CAO

·       Operations

·       Product houses and Segments

·       Credit

·       Trade Finance & Remittance

·       Customer Service

External Key Contact Person(s):

·       Customers (existing and potential)

Job Purpose

  • Maintain and manage portfolio, build and sustain relationships with existing and new prospective clients as well as represent the Bank in the market.
  • To provide a responsive, pro-active, proficient, and efficient banking services to Personal Banking and SME (walk-in) customers in order to grow (acquire) the portfolio and retain (cross-sell) the existing book.
  • Support SOs in opening new and additional accounts. Manage walk-in customers and take full responsibility of making right product is being sold to them or provide lead to the responsible RM.
  • To advise and encourage customers to make use and maximize opportunity on bank’s products and services to expand their share of wallet.
  • To develop a long-lasting relationship with all customers by providing practical insights into their personal business, particularly regarding account management.
  • To cross-sell, digital channel products and ensure registrations and usage.
  • Reactivate accounts to manage dormancy ratio down through constant engagements with the customers via emails, telephone, and a time by visiting.

Key Responsibilities/Tasks

Relationship Management:

·       Manage a portfolio of existing clients and cross sell of Bank’s products to enhance relationship as per the personal score card.

·       Attracts new business through walk-in customers, and through key vendors who are working with the bank but not banking to ensure they open accounts and get paid through the bank.

·       Through MI, identify customers whose salary / income are not passing through the bank to understand the reasons and pass the names to WPB Manager for further engagement.

·       Contributes to Personal Banking or SME CVP and sales plans through providing recommendations / appropriate action to protect and grow the business based on customer feedback e.g., new schemes, lending parameters, campaigns etc

·       Educates customers on self-service channels utilization and monitor own portfolio to ensure % of active digital customers is being met and all customers are onboarded on channels.

·       Prepares and manages own calling program for all (new and existing) customers to deepen relationships with them. Make use of iLead /SFE tool.

·       Compiles the required reports (i.e., channel summary reports, inactive / dormancy report) as per required KPI, and submit them timely.

·       Pass on sales leads to other relevant segments e.g., SOs, WPB, Corporates, RMs or BMs.

·       Actively monitor on boarded customers’ account behavior under the respective codes.

·       Recommends new services and products with conscious of the impact the decisions have to the Bank.

Key Measures:

·       Financials: Growth in customers’ contribution through retention and increase of cross-sell.

·       Achievement of NTB targets through cross-sell: Ensure achievement of the targets allocated.

·       Growth in branch / portfolio – Net revenue and deposit.

·       Reduction in dormancy ratio.

Customer Service:

·       Provides value through delivering an exceptional level of service to Personal Banking (PB) customers through a variety of channels – phone, E-mail, and face to face.

·       Strengthens and expands relationships with PB customers by intimately understanding the customer and servicing the customer’s banking needs appropriately.

·       Adheres to the bank’s service standards, customer service charter and service level agreements when servicing customers.

·       Deliver excellent Banking service to the bank’s customers without compromising on controls.

·       Consult with clients to help the clients resolve issues and concerns that they have regarding their account.

·       Develops and maintains strong relationships to enhance Bank’s profitability.

·       Undertakes pro-active customer service reviews to deepen relationships and attain feedback on the services received to feed into relevant forums to drive service enhancement initiatives.

·       Proactively informs customers of potential problems before they arise and process for resolution i.e., there are instances where sales teams are told to inform customers on system downtimes, card problems etc.

·       Informs and educates clients about the bank’s products (raising the client’s awareness of the most appropriate products and services).

·       Support and work close with WPB Manager to compile loan applications and submit to the manager for further evaluation and decision making.

·       Responds to inquiries from clients and ensures resolution of service or operations problems.


·       Ensure timely submission of call programs and/or any other reports from time to time.

·       Provide timely and appropriate feedback on customer queries.

·       Record leads in iLeads SFE tool and ensure closure of all leads.


·       Support the branch manager in preparing and providing inputs for branch sales-related budget.

·       Adherence to bank’s policies when onboarding new customers and/or motivating additional products to the customers.

·       Perform any other duties as may be assigned by the immediate supervisor from time to time.

·       Ensure good customer service by log in all customer’s complaints for resolution.

Key Measures:

·       Retention resulting into sales – Achieve Customer Satisfaction Score.

·       NPS Score through customer service surveys.

·       Achievement of customer service KPIs (dormancy ration, TAT, complaint handling).

Skills, Knowledge and Abilities

·       Customer Centricity skills

·       Sales and negotiation skills

·       Communication skills

·       Knowledge on market trends

·       Interacting with people / Teamwork – ability to engage with others

·       Confidence and proactiveness

Academic / Professional Qualifications

·       Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Finance, Economics, Marketing, or any other related field

Working Experience Required

·       A minimum of 2-3 years of working experience in customer service and / or sales


Arusha, Arusha


Consumer Banking

Employment Type


Minimum Experience



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