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Warehouse Controller job at AB InBev

Dreaming big is in our DNA. Brewing the world’s most loved beers and creating meaningful experiences is what inspires us. We are owners, empowered to lead real change, deliver on tough challenges, and take accountability for the results. We are looking for talent that shares these values, that is ambitious, bold & resilient. We want talent that is looking for fast career growth, cross-functional experiences, global exposure and robust training & development.

• Ensure compliance to 5s standards within and around the Warehouses (beer and Raw materials NA) operations and show evolution
• Cascade all global policies and ensure compliance to them
• Implement and design the management cycle. In other words, business descriptions, SLA’s, process maps, KPI indicators. Track compliance and show evolution of results
• Develop and continuously validate SOP’s through management routines by using tools and ensure understanding by all warehouse employees (LnA, SCL, OWD etc.)
• Update and use of team rooms for routine meetings and problem solving
• Develop and maintain MCRS/MCL routines and track adherence thereof
• Ensure and maintain a safe warehouse operation driving awareness and compliance to all the relevant safety blocks. Track compliance to all safety related processes in the warehouse function
• Use problem solving tools such as 5Why, Abnormality Reports, SIC, OPL’s, RACI’s, OWD’s, PDCA’s etc. to develop action plans to show improvement in PI’s and KPI” s
• Cascade KPI” s and PI’s to individual warehouse employees, standardize the KPI/PI achievements and monitor individual results
• Ensure adherence to best practice generation process and execute approved projects and show results evolution
• Ensure adherence to warehouse layout such as empties zone, refusal zone, and order picking zone, FG zone and same applied to raw materials
• Ensure and track ABC compliance to realize warehouse efficiencies
• Ensure compliance to inventory policy with regular follow up and sign off per policy requirement, for beer and raw materials (NA)
• Ensure daily compliance to inventory counts
• Identify the root cause of inventory counting differences and develop action plans using problem-solving tools to improve the KPI’s and results.
• Manage the process of destruction and ensure write offs are done in compliance with legal/environment requirements and that system are correctly updated
• Reduce SCOH through the utilization of problem-solving tools and management of stock age KPI’s
• Implement and monitor load scheduling align with planning for RM
• Track loading and unloading productivity and show results evolution
• Ensure load verification is taking place for departure and return on T1 and T2
• Manage, track and trend warehouse cleanliness; pest control schedule adherence; cross contamination from non-food grade chemicals, daily temperature control and product exposure
• Ensure 75% compliance to global warehouse GOP
• Implement and adhere to a location-based inventory system to identify stored product
• Execute action plan to address the stock age KPI
• Track and trend percentage hectoliter near to be blocked as PI
• Ensure adherence to blocking standards and non-conforming inventory
• Track and trend broken cases by operator, picker and sorter and develop action plans to reduce overall breakages
• Create a quality induction program and ensure 100% compliance to training of warehouse staff
• Track, trend and manage the distribution returns policy to ensure alignment with quality policy
• Track, trend and manage repacking operation to conform to quality standards and to improve repacking productivity
• Ensure adherence to standard picking process through use of management routines
• Ensure picking & sorting area has a productive ergonomic layout that allows zero-man machine interactions
• Create and monitor picking & sorting KPI’s/PI’s per man hour and track replenishment adherence, inclusive of MBFU with positive trend
• Monitor and track adherence to sorting guidelines and sorting targets.
• Train all resources and ensure quality sorting inspections are taking place regularly. Open gaps and implement actions to close them.
• Ensure 75% compliance to WLP GOP in order to keep improving the KPI
• Design and maintain sizing simulator to address optimal labor and equipment resourcing
• Allocate and assign labor activities using the SKAP tool
• Develop and manage the warehouse capacity utilization model to improve warehouse efficiency
• Implement and manage waste plan and recycling operation by type of material
• Manage TCT with clear visible action plans to improve
• Drives a strict adherence to flexed budgets with the warehouse management teams
• Assumes overall accountability for Warehouse Logistics spend on both VLC, FLC and SCOH
• Accounts for over/underspends on a weekly and monthly basis dependent on the GL frequency
• Initiate VA initiatives to bring down warehouse costs and Breakages
• Ensure that the Shop Floor are aligned in terms of goals and meeting routines to drive continuous improvement;
• Ensures that Monthly One on Ones are conducted in line with the target review process;
• Follow up on Engagement Survey results with clear actions to correct areas of concern;
• Recruitment of talent and building of pipeline;
• Perform 180 reviews and address poor performance where required by means of improvement plans and or disciplinary hearings.

Work Hours: 8
Experience in Months: 12
Level of Education: Associate Degree

Job application procedure
Interested applicants CLICK HERE TO APPLY

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