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Tanzania SLOA PEA Consultant at DAI June, 2023

Scope of Work

Position Title:Tanzania SLOA PEA Consultant
Contract Name:Integrated Natural Resources Management (INRM)
Contract No:7200AA20F00010
Period of Performance:August 2023-March 2024
Place of Performance:Tanzania and remote
Maximum Level of Effort (LOE):Up to 33 days

Project Description: The Integrated Natural Resource Management (INRM) activity provides on-demand support services and technical assistance for USAID Missions, Bureaus, and Independent Offices, and is managed by the Center for Environment, Energy, and Infrastructure (EEI) in the Bureau for Development, Democracy, and Innovation (DDI). INRM supports integrated analysis and programming across development sectors. By using a multi-sectoral lens, INRM seeks to strengthen the impacts of USAID’s core environmental programming by recognizing synergies, adopting best practices, and building broader constituencies for integrated programming. The activity is designed to help USAID operating units achieve higher impact environment programming and to support the uptake of principles and approaches outlined in the Agency’s Environmental and Natural Resource Management Framework .

Role’s Purpose: USAID’s Sustainable Landscape Opportunity Analyses (SLOAs) provide national-level overviews to reveal the relative impact of options for reducing GHG emissions through land conservation, management, and restoration. SLOAs synthesize datasets to estimate the potential magnitude of emissions reductions, looking at different natural climate solutions (NCS) pathways (e.g., forest restoration, mangroves, livestock management). USAID/Tanzania will be conducting a SLOA in 2023.

SLOAs do not typically have a focused discussion on the political feasibility of specific emission reduction opportunities, including the challenges of engaging and partnering with local communities. This can be an important gap affecting the viability and quality of program design. Political economy analysis (PEA) can generate insights to help guide and refine program design and provide suggestions for thinking and working politically (TWP) during program implementation and monitoring, evaluation, and learning. INRM will conduct political economy analysis to complement the Tanzania SLOA. The Tanzania SLOA’s critical appraisal of NCS pathways will precede and inform the topical and geographic focus of the PEA activity.

Objectives and Duties:  The Consultant will provide technical input and logistical assistance to help implement the PEA for the Tanzania SLOA. Specific tasks include:

■       Assist with the development of the PEA research plan and in-country program schedule

■       Coordinate meetings with national and local officials, experts, civil society groups, and community members

■       Coordinate logistics of field site visits, participate in interviews with key informants, provide translation as needed

■       Provide background expertise and input on the political economy of environmental governance in Tanzania

■       Assist with document collection/note-taking and provide technical input as requested for the written PEA findings and recommendations


■       Approved in-country program schedule and description of logistical arrangements

■       Notes from meetings at field sites

■       Government documents relevant to the PEA’s focus

Reporting: The Consultant will report to the INRM Environmental Governance Lead

Required Qualifications:

■       At least 10 years of relevant work experience relating to natural resource management (NRM), climate change, and the politics of environmental governance in Tanzania

■       Experience in Tanzania and a demonstrated track record working with USAID and/or other donors, international organizations, research institutes, and national government ministries/agencies

■       Experience working collaboratively with local communities on NRM issues in Tanzania

■       Experience assisting and/or coordinating field research meetings and logistics

■       Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field required; Master’s or other advanced degree in a relevant field preferred

■       Strong written and oral communications skills

■       Professional competency in English and Swahili


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