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Latest Job at Dangote Blaster April, 2023

Latest Job at Dangote Blaster April, 2023 – Nafasi Mpya za Kazi Dangote Tanzania. Jobzlists is Tanzania number 1 job site. Search for jobs across Tanzania. Nafasi Mpya za Kazi Dangote Jobzlists your job, Check Nafasi za kazi Dangote Cement PLC, and get latest Jobs in Tanzania from leading hirers Updated Daily. All jobs in one easy search.


  • Responsible for filling blast holes with explosives and detonate explosives to dislodge limestone and rock or to demolish structures.
  • Read instructions or diagrams, lay out drill pattern and determine depth and diameter of blast holes and conduct field tests to determine type and quantity of explosives required.
  • Mark pattern of drill holes or issues drilling instructions for depth and placement of blast holes.
  • Assemble primer charges using selected detonators, fuses, detonating cords and other materials.
  • Load explosives in blast holes by hand or direct movement of bulk explosives trucks to load holes.
  • Connect electrical wires, detonating cords or fuses into series and connect series to blasting machines; press handle or button to detonate charges.
  • Handle, store and transport explosives and accessories in accordance with regulations and ensure that safety procedures are observed.
  • May operate air-track, rotary, down-the-hole or other drilling machines to drill blast holes or may direct drilling of blast holes.
  • Perform any other duties as may assigned by Senior.


  • Bachelor’s Degree/Diploma or its equivalent in Engineering or a related discipline.
  • Minimum of four (4) years of work experience in open pit blasting.
  • Experience as a blaster in surface mining and quarrying or construction.
  • Very good analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Very good oral and written communication skill.


  • Personal Health Insurance
  • Pay Off Time
  • Training and Development


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