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IT Manager at connect Space

IT manager at connect space

IT Manager

Connect Space

Mwanza, Tanzania (On-site

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Supervise the IT and computer systems.
• Ensure the maintenance of the systems are implemented.
• Regularly check, organize and control the IT and electronic data operations.
• Manage the staff by recruiting, training, communicating the expectations and appraising their performance.
• Design, develop and coordinate systems, policies and procedures in the department.
• Ensure that all the data, network access and systems are secure and protected.
• Regularly ensure backing up of systems.
• Work towards the user’s needs by identifying problem areas and implement solutions quickly.
• Regularly audit systems and study the outcome.
• Ensure cost effectiveness and work in line with the budget.
• Regularly file reports on the functioning of the systems and department.
• Designing training programs and workshops for staff
• Conducting regular system audits
• Overseeing and determining timeframes for major IT projects including system updates, upgrades, migrations and outages
• Managing and reporting on allocation of IT budget
• Providing direction for IT team members
• Identifying opportunities for team training and skills advancement

Qualifications and requirements

• Bachelor’s degree in computer sciences, technology or related fields.
• Prior work experience as an IT manager or in a related position.
• Strong knowledge of technical management and information analysis.
• Excellent knowledge of hardware and software systems.
• Data center management and data governance skills.
• In depth experience with computer network, network administration and installation.
• Knowledge of the best practices in the industry.


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