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ICT Manager at First Housing Finance (T) Limited August, 2023

First Housing finance

FIRST HOUSING FINANCE (TANZANIA) LIMITED commenced its operations in October 2017 as a fully-fledged financial institution specializing on the provision of residential mortgages. The company was licensed by Bank of Tanzania in July 2017 to commerce housing finance business under the provisions of The Banking and Financial Institutions Act, 2006 (Cap. 342. R.E. 2002).

We are lookingto hireatalented ICT Managertojoinourteam. ICT manager shall assist the company employees on day to day running and support of the ICT systems. Leveraging optimal computer technology to the company needs and champion optimal Information Communication Technology systems and projects.

Generally, ICT Manager shall be required to plan, coordinate, and direct computer-related activities in the company. Responsible in determining the information technology goals of the company and responsible for implementing computer software and hardware systems to meet the short and long term goals.

Job Title:ICT Manager
Reporting to:Chief Executive Officer
Location:Dar Es Salaam

Duties & Responsibilities – ICT Manager

  • Assume management responsibility for Business Contingency planning efforts with a major focus on assuring the adequacy of business unit contingency plans for critical business areas, functions and applications;
  • To maintain continued operations, asset protection and loss mitigation in the event of a disruption, coordinating activities of technology resources with the company’s business units and development groups, as required;
  • Work with business unit management to enhance contingency plans, mitigating the effect of a technology system or application failure or Key objectives are that business units can continue to manage the firm’s assets, satisfy our regulatory obligations and maintain our presence in the market place;
  • Provide direct communications between the BCP Project Office, Information technology Operations, Technology architecture and Engineering Systems and Systems Application Program Management;
  • Assist the department in enhancing, formalizing and standardizing the business planning process, including forecasting and tracking mechanisms, across all business units, to facilitate timely accommodation of future company recovery requirements and opportunities;
  • Assume leadership role in developing, coordinating and maintaining comprehensive business contingency plans and validation methodology, to ensure the firm’s ability to recovery, in the event of an unforeseen disruption to facilities, technology systems, or applications;
  • Perform risk analysis for corporate functional areas to identify points of vulnerability and recommends disaster avoidance and reduction strategies;
  • Analyze environmental and equipment configurations for critical corporate resources; recommends disaster avoidance measures and improved backup capabilities;
  • Conduct business impact analyses and assist company units to determine critical business processes, identify acceptable recovery time periods and establishes resources required for the successful resumption of business operations in the event of a disaster;
  • Assure records required for recovery are identified and properly maintained in the Vital Records Program;
  • Coordinate the efforts of staff members in different functional areas in the development of procedures for the continuity of business processes in a disaster situation;
  • Establish disaster recovery testing methodologies; plans and coordinate the testing of recovery support and business resumption procedures in different functional areas;
  • Assure that recovery procedures are effective for the restoration of key corporate resources and for the resumption of critical business processes;
  • Conduct disaster recovery training for staff members in all functional areas. Provide instructional and informational materials on how staffs are expected to respond during an emergency.
  • Assist divisions in the assignment and training of staff. Develops and maintains standards and procedures for disaster recovery documentation. Maintain a library of recovery support and business resumption procedures;
  • Develop corporate emergency response procedures; distributes and update emergency procedures to reflect changes in staff size, location, organization and home office facilities.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of procedures during evacuation drills and revise the procedures as necessary. Maintain a library of emergency response procedures;
  • Assist recovery support and business resumption staff during a disaster in the implementation of response and alternate operating strategies;
  • Act as a coordinator during an emergency situation;
  • Work with vendors of disaster recovery services and facilities; studies and recommend outside services for use during a disaster situation;
  • Work with management to ensure that as new equipment, facilities, services and systems are installed that the disaster recovery issues are addressed;
  • Work with senior management, Information Technology personnel and outside resources to design and develop effective disaster recovery and business continuity plans;
  • Maintain contact with outside contingency planning professional organizations and local/regional emergency response groups;
  • Define and manage an effective data backup and retention policy consistent with company recovery needs and manage all system back-up and restore protocol;
  • Maintain an updated knowledge of company’s board policy, administrative regulations and legal requirements that relate to DR strategy, security of data and copyright laws.

Work Experience and Skills

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or a related field
  • At least 5 years working experience in ICT Similar time being part of a business management team will be an advantage.
  • Professional qualifications in systems administration, implementation, and development will be added advantage.
  • Project Management skills


Qualified candidates to Send CV and application letter to: info@firsthousing.co.tz

Deadline: Monday – 04th September 2023 at 05:00pm

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