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5 Things You Must Avoid Doing If You Live With a Football Fanatic (And Want to Survive the Season)


Let’s face it, football season is a whirlwind of emotions. For the die-hard fan, it’s a rollercoaster of cheers, groans, and maybe even a few tears (of joy or frustration, depending on the team’s performance). But what about those who share their lives with these passionate supporters? Fear not, co-habitants of football fanatics! Here are 5 things to avoid to ensure a smooth and (somewhat) peaceful season:

1. Scheduling Conflicts: Don’t Plan Dinner Dates During the Big Game

This one might seem obvious, but it’s crucial. Game days (and sometimes even primetime games) are sacred territory. Resist the urge to schedule important events, dinners, or outings that coincide with kickoff. Let your football lover enjoy the game uninterrupted, and plan your social life around the schedule.

2. Bad-Mouthing Their Team (Unless You Want World War III)

Loyalty runs deep in football fandom. Criticizing their favorite team, especially their star players, is a recipe for disaster. If a questionable call goes against them, lend a sympathetic ear. You can offer lighthearted jabs about their team’s performance later, but avoid harsh criticism, especially in the heat of the moment.

3. Interrupting the Pre-Game Rituals

Every fan has their pre-game routine, whether it’s a lucky jersey, a specific order of snacks, or a pre-game phone call with fellow fans. Respect their rituals and avoid disrupting them. Let them get into the game-day spirit without any unnecessary interruptions.

4. Changing the Channel During a Close Game

This might be the ultimate sin! If the game is a nail-biter, resist the urge to change the channel, even for something seemingly important. A close game is a time for shared excitement and nervous anticipation, even for non-fans. Find another way to entertain yourself for those crucial minutes.

5. Taking Their Jersey Hostage After a Loss

Losses are tough, but hiding their jersey or making fun of their team after a defeat is a surefire way to dampen their spirits even further. Offer words of encouragement and remind them there’s always next week. You can even suggest watching some highlights of their favorite player’s past wins to boost their mood.

Bonus Tip: Embrace the Football Spirit!

While you might not be a die-hard fan yourself, try to learn a bit about the rules and some key players. This shows your significant other that you’re interested in their passion. You could even suggest attending a game together (at a neutral venue, if they’re particularly passionate!). A little effort goes a long way in showing you care, even if football isn’t your cup of tea.

By following these tips, you can navigate football season with your football-loving partner and emerge stronger (and hopefully a little more knowledgeable about the game) on the other side. Remember, a little understanding and a sprinkle of team spirit can go a long way!

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