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5 Best AI Copywriting Tools in 2023

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AI copywriting is a groundbreaking approach to generating written content, leveraging the capabilities of machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) software. This cutting-edge technology enables the creation of various forms of written content, ranging from persuasive ad copy to engaging blog posts.

The process of AI copywriting involves the utilization of web scraping or analyzing similar inputs to gather relevant content. Through a deep learning process, the software learns from this collected data and subsequently generates new copy that aligns with the identified patterns and insights.

By harnessing the power of AI copywriting, businesses and individuals can streamline their content creation process, enhance productivity, and tap into new realms of creativity. Whether you’re looking to optimize marketing campaigns or produce high-quality blog content, AI copywriting software offers a game-changing solution for generating compelling written material

Here are the tools that we tested to find the five best AI copywriting tools:


Jasper, previously known as, stands out as a leading premium AI copywriting tool renowned for its exceptional capabilities. Powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3, this advanced tool surpasses expectations by generating truly impressive content.

As one of the most comprehensive AI copywriting tools in the market, Jasper offers an array of features that cater to various content creation needs. From crafting persuasive ad copy to producing engaging blog posts, this tool showcases its versatility and effectiveness.

Jasper, the versatile AI copywriting tool, empowers users to effortlessly generate content across various domains. From comprehensive blog posts to captivating social media updates, this tool covers a wide range of content creation needs.

Here are some of the areas where Jasper excels:

  • Blogs: Whether you need assistance with outlining or creating complete articles, Jasper is equipped to support your blogging endeavors.
  • Social Media: Craft engaging posts, persuasive ad copy, and captivating profile bios that resonate with your audience on various social media platforms.
  • E-commerce: Create compelling product descriptions and features lists to enhance the appeal of your online store.
  • Google Ads: Optimize your Google ad campaigns with AI-generated content that captures attention and drives conversions.
  • SEO: Generate SEO meta descriptions and titles that enhance your website’s visibility on search engines.
  • Website Copy: Elevate your landing pages and sales pages with persuasive and compelling copy that converts visitors into customers.

When put to the test, Jasper’s standout feature is its ability to produce polished and well-articulated content. While not all of it may be directly usable without some refinement, the natural and convincing elements of the generated content make it a valuable asset for content creators and marketers alike. With Jasper, you gain access to a powerful tool that enhances your content creation process and delivers exceptional results.

Jasper’s Pricing Options:

  • Free Trial: Try it free for 5 days (credit card required).
  • Starter Plan: Enjoy flexible monthly pricing, starting at $29 for 2,000 words and going up to $499 for 990,000 words. Custom pricing is available for those needing over 1 million words per month.
  • Boss Mode Plan: Experience flexible pricing, ranging from $59 for 50,000 words to $279 for 290,000 words per month. Custom pricing is available for clients with monthly word counts exceeding 300,000.

2. ContentShake

ContentShake is an invaluable tool that expedites the creation of SEO-friendly blog posts by harnessing the power of AI. This user-friendly platform simplifies the content creation process, allowing you to generate content ideas, detailed outlines, or even complete articles effortlessly.

Key Features of ContentShake:

  • Content Ideas: Generate a comprehensive list of content ideas tailored to your specific niche or topic of interest.
  • Detailed Outlines: Develop structured outlines that serve as a solid foundation for your blog posts, ensuring coherence and logical flow.
  • Complete Articles: Utilize ContentShake to generate entire articles, minimizing the time and effort required to produce high-quality content.

By utilizing ContentShake, you gain access to a wealth of information for each generated idea. This includes:

  • Search Intent: Understand the type of search intent associated with each content idea, whether it’s informational, commercial, transactional, or navigational. This insight helps you align your content with the intentions of your target audience.
  • Efficiency Rating: Benefit from an efficiency rating that considers the search volume of a keyword in relation to its level of difficulty. This metric aids in identifying keywords that offer the best balance of potential traffic and competition.

With ContentShake, you can elevate your blogging game, optimize your content for search engines, and drive organic traffic to your website—all while saving valuable time and resources.

Pricing Details

ContentShake offers a single paid subscription plan that grants access to unlimited AI copywriting. The demo version provides most features, but with limitations. Below are the plan details:

  • Demo: It’s free, and you have the flexibility to upgrade at any time.
  • Paid Plan: For $60 per month, you’ll receive:
    • 25 fresh content ideas (five ideas for each of five topics) every week.
    • Unlimited articles.
    • Unrestricted access to “Compose with AI” and all rewrite features.
    • One-click WordPress publishing.

3.Hypotenuse AI.

Hypotenuse AI stands out as one of the top-notch AI copywriting tools available, and the best part? It’s completely free! This cutting-edge tool utilizes the prowess of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning to generate high-quality content.

With a clear focus on three key content categories, Hypotenuse AI caters to your diverse copywriting needs:

  • Product Descriptions: Craft compelling and persuasive product descriptions that captivate your audience and drive conversions.
  • Blog Posts and Ads: Generate engaging blog posts and attention-grabbing ads that help you stand out in the digital landscape.
  • Social Media Posts: Create captivating social media posts that resonate with your followers and boost your brand’s online presence.

By harnessing the power of NLP and machine learning, Hypotenuse AI empowers you to effortlessly produce content that aligns with your brand’s voice and objectives. Experience the seamless blend of technology and creativity, and unlock unlimited possibilities for content creation with Hypotenuse AI.

Pricing Options by Hypotenuse AI:

  • Free Trial: Enjoy a 7-day trial period.
  • Starter Plan: For just $29 per month, you get:
    • 75 credits for product descriptions.
    • 20 blog posts.
    • Unlimited ad copy.
  • Growth Plan: Priced at $59 per month, this plan offers:
    • 500 credits for product descriptions.
    • Unlimited blog posts.
    • Unlimited ad copy.
  • Enterprise Plan: Tailored pricing for:
    • Unlimited blog posts and ad copy.
    • A custom AI model designed to match your brand’s voice.
    • Custom platform integrations and data mapping.

4. AI Social Content Generator

The AI Social Content Generator is your ultimate companion in crafting captivating and engaging posts for a variety of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and more. This versatile tool goes beyond mere copywriting, as it also empowers you to create stunning images and videos to enhance your social media presence.

Getting started is a breeze. Simply sign up and follow these easy steps:

  • Write a Prompt: Provide a prompt or a brief description for your first social media post. This will guide the AI in generating content that aligns with your desired message and objectives.
  • Brand Design Guidelines: Fill out your brand’s design guidelines to ensure that the generated content reflects your unique brand identity. This step allows the AI to tailor the visuals and aesthetics of the images and videos to suit your brand’s style.

With the AI Social Content Generator, you can streamline your social media content creation process and unleash your creativity. From compelling copy to eye-catching visuals, this tool equips you with the necessary elements to captivate your audience and make a lasting impact across various social media platforms. Elevate your social media game and unlock the full potential of your brand with the AI Social Content Generator.

Pricing Details for the AI Social Content Generator

  • Free Trial: Test drive the tool for a full seven days.
  • Paid Plan: For just $35 per month, you’ll have access to:
    • Content creation capabilities for two brands.
    • 200 AI-generated posts each month.
    • Conduct 100 competitor analysis runs per month.
  • In-App Purchase: Extend your capabilities with an extra $20 per month, which provides:
    • The ability to create content for an additional brand.
    • An additional 100 posts generated by AI.
    • 50 more competitor analyses per month.

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When it comes to AI copywriting tools, CopyAI stands out as one of the most diverse and comprehensive options available. Leveraging the power of GPT-3, CopyAI offers an extensive array of templates that cover a wide range of content needs. From crafting blog outlines and generating ideas to creating engaging social media content, email marketing copy, website copy, case study templates, and even video content, CopyAI has got you covered.

Key Features of CopyAI:

  • Versatile Templates: Explore a vast selection of templates designed to cater to diverse content requirements. Whether you need assistance with blog outlines, captivating social media posts, persuasive email marketing copy, compelling website content, informative case study templates, or engaging video scripts, CopyAI has the perfect template to meet your needs.
  • GPT-3 Power: Harnessing the power of GPT-3, CopyAI ensures that the generated content is of the highest quality and relevance. Benefit from advanced language processing capabilities that deliver natural and engaging copy.

With CopyAI, you gain access to an all-in-one AI copywriting solution that streamlines your content creation process across various platforms. Empower your brand with compelling, well-crafted copy that resonates with your audience and drives results. Experience the unmatched versatility of CopyAI and revolutionize your copywriting endeavors.

CopyAI’s Pricing:

  • Free Forever: 10 credits per month
  • Pro: $35/month, unlimited credits
  • Custom: Custom pricing, billed yearly

How to Choose the Right AI Copywriting Software

Selecting the perfect AI copywriting tool for your business necessitates careful consideration of your specific needs and requirements. Here are a few essential factors to keep in mind as you evaluate your options:

  • SEO Capabilities: Determine if the software measures content readability, offers suggested secondary keywords, and evaluates copy for SEO best practices. An ideal AI copywriter should provide features that optimize your content for search engines.
  • Tone of Voice: Avoid robotic-sounding copy by selecting tools that accurately assess the desired tone of voice and provide recommendations. This ensures that the generated content aligns with your brand’s unique style and voice.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Time-saving is a key benefit of AI copywriting, so prioritize tools with a user-friendly interface that simplifies the content creation process.
  • Plagiarism Detection: Given the limitations of AI copywriting, it’s crucial to rely on a tool equipped with a reliable plagiarism checker. This ensures the originality and uniqueness of your generated content.
  • Integration: Check if your preferred tool seamlessly integrates with third-party applications. Many options, such as Semrush’s SEO Writing Assistant, offer integration with popular platforms like Google Docs, WordPress, and Microsoft Word, enhancing your workflow efficiency.
  • Export Options: Confirm that the tool allows for easy export of generated text to various formats, such as documents or spreadsheets. This flexibility ensures compatibility with your preferred workflow and content management systems.

By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision about the AI copywriting tool that best suits your business needs. Streamline your content creation process and unlock the power of AI to elevate your brand’s communication efforts.


In the current landscape, human copywriters continue to hold an advantage over AI copywriting tools, making it clear that AI will not be replacing human writers anytime soon.

However, as AI technology advances and computers become increasingly intelligent, it is highly likely that AI tools will become an integral part of the daily lives of most copywriters. This is evident from the growing popularity of tools like Grammarly, which have already made a significant impact.

Although the AI copywriting tools we tested may not yet be capable of generating fully polished and ready-to-use content that matches the quality of copy written by skilled human writers, they do offer a range of valuable features. These tools can greatly assist copywriters in improving their writing and enhancing efficiency.

As AI coding continues to evolve, we can anticipate that AI copywriting tools will become more sophisticated and effective. While human creativity and expertise remain indispensable, AI tools will increasingly serve as invaluable aids, empowering copywriters to produce better content in a more efficient manner.

It is important for copywriters to embrace the advancements in AI technology and leverage these tools to their advantage. By harnessing the strengths of both AI and human creativity, copywriters can unlock new levels of productivity and elevate the quality of their work.

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